Factory audit

We are Honor Inspection International Ltd, a professional inspection company specializing in providing Factory audit for international buyers.
Our Factory Audit is based on ISO9000 or SA8000 quality standards, audit the factory's production’s capacity and performance. The main audit criteria including:
1. Quality Management System
2. Good manufacturing practices (factory environment standards)
3. Products control
4. Process control
5. Staff management
6. Social responsibility
Besides those general Factory audit items, our newest Factory audit is different from others inspection companies supplier assessment. We strongly suggest clients to do the Factory audit together with sample inspection.
Many inspection companies Factory audit focus more on the quality system certification or legal norms. It is very easy to obtain a quality system certificate in China. Reality is, most of the factory who got a certificate could not reached ISO requirements. That's why we made this adjustment of our Factory audit.
Our Factory audit focus more on the factory’s real produce ability. Whether their sample  manufacturing technique according with mass production or not? If they have enough manpower and equipment as required? Our Factory audit is done from the client's actual needs.

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