The development trend and inspection method for automobile industry

  Along with the development of the automobile industry, the automobile industry of our country is developing rapidly.. The driving safety of the automobile detection related to millions of households, China's government and the domestic and foreign enterprises began to increase investment, establish auto test center and testing laboratory in China, showing a good momentum of development. Relevant data show that the current size of the car market has exceeded 10000000 in the car detection. At the same time, owners in the automotive safety requirements continue to improve, people in the car and driving, safety problems of car value trend is becoming increasingly apparent, which of automobile detection continuously put forward new requirements, so as to continuously push forward the development of the automobile detection and maintenance market, comprehensive view, the prospects for the development of China's auto detection technology and equipment is extremely broad. Automotive testing industry is facing new opportunities for development. Related enterprises should seize the opportunity to committed to the automobile, internal combustion engine testing in the field of product development, production, sales and service work, improve the quality assurance system, launched a high level of testing equipment and control system, to seize the market opportunities.

  Automobile decorative materials, such as engineering plastics, textiles, leather, non-woven fabrics, such as, and installation of a variety of adhesives used in these materials, under the action of high temperature, which is easy to volatile ingredients will evaporated, and on the car window or windshield, the formation of condensation caused by our machine bad sight, seriously affect the safety of driving. At present, the detection of this aspect has been abroad, and the relevant testing standards are IN75201, ISO6452, SAEJ1756, etc.. Domestic automobile and interior parts production enterprise or in order to improve the quality of the products, or to open up overseas markets need, on correlation detection gave sufficient attention.

  There are two test methods: gloss test method and weight test method. The former is the glass plate in gloss changes before and after atomization to measure the atomization characteristics of the samples being tested; the latter is through the quality of aluminum foil in the atomization quality before and after the changes get atomization condensation. Also the result of the test is "fog value" or "quality" atomization condensation can be quantitatively obtained the volatilization of toxic and harmful substances in the sample; the car xenon lamp atomization test value, but also to test the headlights atomization phenomenon on how much influence according to the brightness.

  Breathable degree detection method is: take the provisions of the size of the specimen is placed in a test chamber, evacuated on one side of the specimen, samples of both sides to form a certain pressure difference, this pressure difference measurement of gas in a certain period of time through the sample in a given area of the flow, calculation of air permeability, or keep the through flow of the specimen, specimens were measured on both sides of the pressure difference to calculate air flow resistance. The test method followed GB/T10655-2003.

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