The necessity of high voltage testing of goods

  honorinspection international co.,ltd: talk about the necessity of high voltage testing for commodities - protecting the safety of the user's life

  First tell your high voltage test standards “European market product”: For for European market products

  I product: 1500Vac 2S, Leakage, current <5mA Class

  Class I products: 1500 V, 2 seconds, leakage current <5mA

  II product: 3300Vac 2S, Leakage, current <5mA Class

  Class II products: 3300 V, 2 seconds, leakage current <5mA

  II transformer: 4000Vac 2S, Leakage, current <5mA Class

  Class II Transformers: 4000 V, 2 seconds, leakage current <5mA

  High voltage testing machine and electrical insulation strength tester or call the dielectric strength tester. Some argue that dielectric breakdown device and so on, role is to test the electrical insulation material is subjected to a pressure test, as we all know, most of the time, our voltage is unstable, when tall and low, the electrical work will cause electrical insulating material internal structure changes, when the voltage strength reaches a certain value, it could make the material of insulation breakdown, equipment can not work normally and the user is have the risk of electric shock, endanger the personal safety.

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