In process inspection

We are Honor Inspection International Ltd, a third party inspection company specializing in providing In process inspection for international buyers.
Our In process inspection is carried out when at least 20% of the order has been completed so as to ensure the requirement of the specifications and packaging are met.
Actually there is a big misunderstand about inspection choice among most clients. They prefer Pre-shipment inspection rather than In process inspection.
Why we need In process inspection? According to our experience, it is wiser to choice In-process inspection. If quality problems were fond after Pre-shipment inspection, it will cause a huge loss both for client and factory. Factory suffered large from waste of material cost and manpower. Client will be accused and pay a large mount of penal sum because of delivery delay! If we choice In-process inspection, then we can control the quality during the whole produce process and timely discovery; correct the product problem.
During In-process inspection, we provide very good suggestions to help factories improve quality and policy, even providing services to client's concept, so that the factories will always put clients ' interests first just like us.
In-process inspection is a win-win both for factory and client! We strongly suggest international buyers choose In-process inspection service.

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