product inspection service

We are Honor Inspection International Ltd, a professional inspection company in China. Our main job is offer product inspection services for international buyers.
Our product inspection services is different from other inspection company. Besides normal product inspection services, we also provide purchase advice for our customers for free. What’s more we provide professional suggestions to help factories improve quality and policy, even provide services to customer's concept and the right marketing approach, so that the factories will always put clients ' interests first just like us.
We provide tailored product inspection services for our clients. Whether you are a big company or small one, whether your order is big or small, we will offer you an optimal price & performance inspection service.
Our product inspection services not only include professional inspection report but also video for important links, as well as our professional technical advice for products.
Our goal is not to be the largest product inspection services company, but to be the best reputable product inspection services company.

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