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Supervision Loading

This inspection is carried out at the manufacturer warehouse or at the port before delivery. According to order requirements of client, supervise the entire loading process to ensure quantity complete, packaging intact, loading reasonable.


If you worry about the wrong product or damaged product will be sent to you during shipment. Some factories might even not ship product to you! Supervision Loading inspection can provide you an effective solution to all those problems.

Our services include:

l       Cargo short / damage survey

l       Draft survey and cargo quality survey

l       Pre-loading / discharging survey to the steel cargo, grain

l       Cargo weighing, sampling and testing

l       Water-tightness and air-tightness test to cargo holds.

l       Draft Survey

l       Hold Washing Inspection

l       Hold cleaning inspection

l       Loading or discharging survey

l       Binding reinforced inspection to heavy cargo

l       Inspection / survey to damaged cargo

l       Measurement survey

l       Ship’s on hire, off hire bunker and condition survey, pre-purchase survey etc.

l       Survey to ship’s damage

l       Bunkering quantity and quality survey

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