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In-Process Inspection

In-process inspection is generally processed when products finished at least 20%. This inspection ensures whether the product's function, appearance, packaging meets the requirements of clients, whether production progress can achieve the expected requirements, thus timely control products appear bulk defects to avoid delays in delivery time.


Actually there is a big misunderstand about inspection choice among most clients. They prefer Pre-shipment inspection rather than any other inspection. According to our experience, it is wiser to choice In-process inspection. If quality problems were fond after Pre-shipment inspection, it will cause a huge loss both for client and factory. Factory suffered large from waste of material cost and manpower. Client will be accused and pay a large mount of penal sum because of delivery delay! If we choice In-process inspection, then we can control the quality during the whole produce process and timely discovery & correct the product problem. During In-process quality control, we provide very good suggestions to help factories improve quality and policy, even providing services to client's concept, so that the factories will always put clients ' interests first just like us. This is a win-win for factory and client! We strongly recommend that clients select In-process inspection service.

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