Supplier audit in China

We are Honor Inspection International Ltd, a professional inspection company specializing in providing supplier audit in China for international buyers.
Our company has been always adhering to the principle of honesty in doing supplier audit in China. In order to be a honest supplier audit in China, we are very careful in selecting each quality engineer. For each new supplier, our company's local manager will visit factory and tell them their rights and responsibility. After years of development, we have 15 branches in   China’s major cities and also establish a long-term cooperation with many factories and customers all over the world.
How is our supplier audit in China processed? If our client want to find a supplier, we will assist our client make a network and phone interview first. Then we will make a accurate supplier audit in this China factory. Our supplier audit in China focus more on the factory’s real produce ability. If their sample produce manufacturing technique accord with bulk produce? If they have enough manpower and equipment as required? We worry what our clients worry.

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